excitement of the new season's love of your new laxative

fast feeling. fast feeling. fast feeling. fast, fast feeling.

this is fast. my god, my god how fast. my god how fast
this feels, how fast this feels out feeling out feelings never felt.
my father. my god. my father, how fast! how fast the ghost river goes!
how fast it goes, with a clitter clack! with a clitter clack it cracks bad friends
to me to me it cracks with a clitter clack bad friends to better me by the being
better to me outside of busy.  too busy to be slothful slothfully with me we are
together singing: Never will we be slothful! together, slothful, together, bad and
good friends, past present not present and future friends, all, all slothful, together,
in chorus, together, warmed by togetherness, the togetherness of our privilege
to be, to be, our privilege to be slothful filling us with slow joy, slow joy of
fast dancing, fast dancing to fill out forms we never will fill out for jobs
we will never need. we will never need a job or work or wakefulness
or sleep or slothfulness or sleep or rallying together we dance
night to day we dance, how we dance knowing we will
never know what makes us dance so slothfully fast
feasting upon the light of our sparked hopes,
our highest hopes we would otherwise
be embarrassed to say, embarrassed
to say that we hope such high hopes
holding onto our highest hopes
sharing them unashamed
while we dance,
dancing, we

we sing
we sing
we sing while dancing along with this song of hope fulfillment
our dad arrives and we slow to the sound of his cop shows. we slow! we slow
to the gentle gilded aura of his cop shows sheen.  his cop show shows us
what is wrong with all of us as our green beans boil, boil to the perfect
sound of changing channels, changing the channel to ask what boats
appear to disappear to the sound of what made them possible, the
cold calling, the warm calling, the real estate and construction
jobs that made boats escapes possible for a lack of costume.