Sometimes We Can't Believe It

Time spending
Realizing nowhere never ends
Begins, stops, goes on about and busy

Seeds of grieving lets loose believing in no needing
Seeing a way out of nowhere feelings retrieving want not leaving

A key under the Angel, a door a part of a building named temporary home away from home

Where home, where want where not here if lost where else could we be believing in plants and animals,

Ceilings floors walls and windows revolving around our feeling comfortable means of efforts set down in a nice nook of our house

Outside leaves are turning and falling with their freshly dried smells leaving bare branches stark on the bright white-grey sky over cars parked with many parts turned off

Feelings project on it all and reflect fresh cut still-green grass, flowers, winding sidewalks and black-grey straight streets, mail boxes full of colorful semi-glossy images of sweaters and shoes

It's too early for people just yet, we hear only our morning songs of absent voices and strings strummed lightly, then rough then calm before boldly briefly fading out against bird cries calming

Softly, softly, softly
A day begins rightly