For Eachother

Slip down, sun.

Great games are all
Around you, we are
All today in a body
Fixing everything.


The Legend of Dumb

What were the days drifting,
The right music-time?

I hold closest to what I'll never,
At least I'll never in the ever present,
Have, ever have.

Wait, were we gunna meet? Were we
beginning? Will we ever?  Will we or
Weren't we a
Day's dream



The feel
Of glass
On the lips

Is different than
The feel
Of plastic on
The lips


This Is Why I Won't Quit Smoking

the right kind of smoking
Sitting real eyes of the low feeling
In the same place I once was sad
Seeing the greatest happiness,
The greatest happiness has a tinge of the
Sad that is lost.

I prayed correctly,
I prayed correctly

For the first time

That extends

New Years Day

Ineffable beauty of Chicago